Orthomolecular medicine deals with vitamins, trace elements, minerals, hormones, enzymes, amino acids and other substances naturally occurring in the body. They are necessary for the functioning of our organism.

Orthomolecular medicine is a good supplement to conventional medicine and focuses on the supportive treatment of diseases as well as on the maintenance of health and an increase in performance. Through the targeted administration of certain vitamins and trace elements in the correct dosage, a significant improvement in the state of health can be achieved very quickly.

Furthermore, many side effects of conventional medicines can be avoided.

The correct determination of a deficiency with suitable blood analyses is decisive in the therapy of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. With classical serum blood analyses, as they are mostly used in medicine, deficiencies of many important minerals and trace elements cannot be detected, because these are predominantly stored in the cell and can only be found in small amounts in the serum. These deficiency symptoms must be detected by means of so-called whole blood analyses, and the success of the therapy should be checked and confirmed after 12 weeks.

The costs for the determination of the laboratory values are partly covered by the health insurance, partly they have to be paid privately and are charged via the laboratory.

Measure, treatment and control - is the correct and serious approach in orthomolecular medicine.

Procedure of an orthomolecular treatment:
Initial consultation:

  • Medical history about current and previous complaints, diseases and medication intake.
  • General questions about orthomolecular medicine are answered
  • Physical examination (depending on necessity)
  • Blood sample

Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Fee: € 200,-

Follow-up consultation- usually about 2 weeks after the initial consultation after receiving the blood test results:
  • Discussion of blood results
  • Work out of a therapy plan
Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Fee: 120.-




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