NAD+ Therapy

NAD + (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an essential component of life. It is a coenzyme found in all living cells and is as important to us as the air we breathe and the food we eat. It plays many essential roles during metabolism, where nutrients are converted into energy.

As we get older, NAD levels in our bodies begin to decline. However, researchers have found ways to increase NAD + levels in the body through supplementation. Studies have shown many health benefits to administering NAD +. Specifically, it shows a positive impact on all degenerative changes associated with aging.

Science has shown that NAD + levels decrease with age, with fatigue, during or after infections, and in stressful situations such as acute injury or surgery. The higher our NAD + levels are, the better our cells function and our regeneration is activated. Scientists therefore believe that our health and lifespan as well as activity can be improved by nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide supplementation. Just in the last few years, some important discoveries have been made around NAD +. And while we are aware that NAD + is involved in increasing energy metabolism and mitochondrial function, it was only recently discovered that NAD + is related to DNA repair and thus can slow down the aging process of cells.

NAD + thus plays an important role in oxidative stress, immune activation, cell viability in neurodegenerative diseases, and energy metabolism. With the right balance of NAD, living cells can proliferate and in turn increase energy levels. Start the recovery cycle in diseases such as addiction, physical ailments and as an application in better aging.

NAD treatment is the process of slowly increasing the level of NAD molecules in the body. The NAD is administered as an infusion and aims to rehydrate the body and promote cell regrowth. This is highly beneficial for both liver and brain repair, as it promotes more energy and ultimately increases cell growth opportunities. As a result, the body can recover from chronic diseases and slow down the aging process.

What is the treatment process?

How long does an NAD+ infusion take?

How many infusions do I need?

Side effects:

Therapy cost:

500 milligrams of NAD+ costs 500.- (duration, depending on tolerance, 90-120 minutes)
1000 milligrams of NAD+ costs 800.- (duration, depending on tolerance, 150-180 minutes)




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